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Preschool Orchards Johannesburg, Reggio Inspired, small daily play group / preschool for 2 & 3 year olds, following gentle and peaceful parenting and teaching philosophies.

Preschool Orchards Johannesburg

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Our objective is to create a fun, social, inspiring space in which children can explore their world, and develop and learn with teachers who are understanding, respectful and empathetic. The world is changing and we need to change with it.

The curriculum is child-led, inspired through ‘provocations’ – being setups that inspire and tweak interest in the child from which the day/week/month develops. Their responses are documented from which we can begin to understand their thought processes. Documentation takes many forms – recording their feedback in writing, visual representation eg. photographs, drawing, wire design, clay sculpture and video recordings. Some of which will be shared in a private space with the parents.

Alongside the thinking, negotiation and problem-solving, there are also a host of fun, creative and inspiring PLAY activities which enhance developmental and social play. We also believe that free play is critically important and allow time for that each and every day.

Small Ratio of Carers to little people

Peaceful Parenting and Teaching Philosophy

Nurturing & Caring Environment for 2 - 4 year olds

Large Playground with Fantasy Forest

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2017 Enrollment Now Open


As a fan of the Reggio Emilia Method, Little Explorers has an immediate and exciting Reggio feel. The classroom environment is creative, warm, inviting, highly tactile and stimulating. The expansive garden is an inspirational and magical space where little people can embark on daily adventures and be inspired to do, what they do best … learn through play! The teaching style is warm, empathetic, gentle and nurturing…

– Michelle Paice –

Enrollment for 2017 Now Open, Please Contact Us.

Opening Times

Mon - Fri (9 am – 12 pm) Drop off from 8:30am

Our Address

Oaklands Road, Orchards, Johannesburg

Phone & E-mail

083 414 2724 or 082 909 1913 admin@littleexplorersclub.co.za

Preschool Orchards Johannesburg