Bruce Lipton – Childhood Subconscious Programming

Subconscious programming up until age 7… The reason I share this video is not about monetary wealth, rather it is about the beliefs we unconsciously plant in our children.

You have the opportunity to affect your child’s underlying programming.

People’s beliefs form a fundamental part of who they really are, and what they mostly cover up and do not show the world. In coaching we identify and work to unlock limiting beliefs and emotional wounds, mostly formed in childhood. As parents, it is not wholly everything we do, and even if we could do it perfectly, our children will (almost always) perceive an event, mostly before the age of 2, that they will take on as their core belief (that is unfortunately not a positive one). ¬†These events can be simple everyday actions like mom/dad leaving to go to work, and the child, without a functioning pre-frontal cortex, takes on the belief (for example) “I am not important”, “I am abandoned”, “I am not worthy”, “I have no value”.

Lets be aware of our words and actions. Consider your behaviour and what drives it. Consider your beliefs, the phrases you use, the limiting beliefs planted in you. Consider your narrative.

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YouTube blurb

“Dr. Bruce Lipton is a geneticist, epigeneticist, researcher, stem cell biologist and former professor. After many breakthrough discoveries about genetics (ex. “genes” do NOT control disease), stem cells and cell biology, instead of being dictated by a university he decided to lecture, then write a book “The Biology of Belief”. One of his discoveries…the mother’s thoughts during pregnancy can alter that babies DNA thereby altering the health, brain development and well-being of her child!”