Who We Are

Our curriculum is child-led and learnings are followed through documentation and reflection and then revisited to concrete the experience. The day is still planned, however the learnings can take many different roads, and the inspirer/co-researcher is on hand to assist with the experience. This makes the job of the inspirer a rather difficult one as they have no idea what will come up, and need to be prepared for many outcomes!

We follow gentle and peaceful parenting and teaching philosophies. Our small ratio of carers to little people maintain a nurturing and caring environment with a large playground and fantasy forest.

What we're About

Preschool, Play group, Nursery School

Reggio–Inspired ie Enquiry-based learning

Peaceful parenting and teaching philosophy (developing confident little humans)

Child-led curriculum

Individual attention

HALF DAY : Drop off 7:30 to 8:00 am | Collection 12:00 to 12:30pm

What children learn does not follow as an automatic result from what is taught, rather, it is in large part due to the children’s own doing, as a consequence of their activities and our resources.

Loris Malaguzzi, The Hundred Languages of Children

Our Day

Self-confidence is developed through active play and games involving other children through which they learn important social rules like compromise, teamwork, being assertive and dealing with different personalities. Preschool is a great place to socialise and make new friends.

Construction/Constructive Play is such a fun one and is always so intriguing as to what can be built with what, and what it actually is – all child led. We love the idea of ‘loose parts play’ using random household/everyday objects.

To prevent poor classroom performance in their schooling years and difficulty with sitting we do Gross Motor & Core Strength activities which involve the movement of the large muscles (in the arms, legs and torso for necessary physical activity like walking, kicking, running, skipping, jumping, throwing, climbing and lifting) and the development of the torso muscles (that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of the body) which are built in to weekly activities.

Dance Mouse (extra-mural) on Wednesday mornings gives more exposure to song, dance and movement (all OT inspired!).

Imaginary Play with Wendy house and Dolls room where they play house, dress up, shop and have the best tea parties.

Outdoor Play includes a jungle gym, monkey bars, trampoline, swings, bike rides (with a petrol pump), wendy house, organic vegetable garden, fantasy forest with creatures to visit, bike path, sand-pit and construction sand-pit…

Preschool | Play Group | Peaceful Parenting

The Little Explorers Club is Born

A small playgroup with fun energetic collaborators, available 5 days a week, an amazing outdoor area for lots of running, jumping, climbing, playing, riding (building that core is a biggie for me), carers who followed peaceful parenting and a non-traditional approach to early childhood development.

On touring St Mary’s the philosophy of Reggio Emilia was introduced to me, and I am in awe of it… A collaborative approach to learning, where the little people learn to think, and are seen to be capable of communicating on many levels (100 languages). This led to me attending the annual conference at St Mary’s and I was blown away by the approach and how empowering it is for children.

It is complex in that there is no set standard to follow and the teachers documentation and ability to interpret and inspire are critical factors to success. Reggio is very different to traditional methods, as it is a progressive, project-based approach that develops as the weeks go by.

We love our space & love sharing it.

Opening Times

Mon to Fri (7:30 to 8am ) drop off | 12:00 to 12:30pm collection

Our Address

9th Avenue, Highlands North, Johannesburg

Phone & E-mail

082 063 2724 or nicola@littleexplorersclub.co.za